The Ronnie MacKeith Guest Lecture

This lecture is given by a renowned figure in the world of paediatric neurology and is invited by the President of the Association each year.  The invitation to give this lecture is the one of the highest honours the Association can bestow.



DatePlaceSpeakerTitle of Talk
1978  Liverpool Joest Martinius Accident proneness in children, cerebral trauma and late neuropsychological findings
1979 Dorchester Kit Ounsted The developmental medicine of temporal lobe seizures
1980 Canterbury David Clark Neuropathology and the training of paediatric neurologists
1981 Manchester Bengt Hagberg The epidemiology and etiology of severe and mild mental retardation
1982 Birmingham Jean Aicardi Benign epilepsies in childhood
1983 Oxford Paul Polani The genetics of sex determination: a modern synthesis
1984 Glasgow Michael Rutter Developmental neuropsychiatry: concepts, issues and prospects
1985 Sheffield Colin Blakemore Post-natal development of the visual system: basic research and clinical implications
1986 Cardiff Susan Iverson Neuropeptides: novel neurotransmitters
1987 Nottingham Brian Meldrum Common mechanisms in epileptic and hypoxic/ ischaemic brain damage
1988 Liverpool Peter Barth Peroxisomal disorders
1989 Leeds David Taylor Hysteria, belief and magic
1990 Dublin David Marsden Dilemma of dystonia (Prof Marsden wasn't able to reach the meeting to give his talk)
1991 Durham Pasco Rakic Mechanisms of cortical development: implications for paediatric neurology
1992 Bath Victor Dubowitz Exciting new developments in neuromuscular disorders
1993 London JJ Volpe Brain injury in the premature infant - a radical review
1994 Birmingham Philippe Evrard Environmental determinants of brain development
1995 Cambridge Anita Harding Mitochondrial DNA in human disease
1996 Southampton Alan Cowie Consciousness
1997 Oxford John Newsom-Davis Autoimmune and genetic disorders at the neuro-muscular junction
1998 Manchester Charles French-Constant Brain repair - lessons from developmental biology
1999 Belfast Dorothy Bishop Development of language
2000 Glasgow Thomas Voit Suspected neurometabolic or neurodegenerative disease: diagnostic approaches beyond the well-known
2001 London (Guy's) Margo van der Knaap Leucodystrophies
2002 Newcastle Upon Tyne Jaak Jaeken Carbohydrate-deficient glycoprotein syndromes
2003 Liverpool P Rosenbaum Functional Prognosis in Cerebral Palsy
2004 Sheffield WB Dobyns The genetic basis of neuronal migration: lissencephaly, cryptogenic infantile spasms and mental retardation with epilepsy
2005 London Allan Colver The social model of disability should change our practice
2006 Bristol Greg Holmes Developmental consequences of early seizures
2007 Edinburgh Sir Michael Rutter Autism and specific language impairment – a tantalizing dance
2008 Leeds George Rousseau Sam and Ronnie: attention and personality
2009 Birmingham Ingrid Scheffer Epilepsy genetics: new twists in the tale
2010 Edinburgh, hosted by Wales Anne Berg Classification in epilepsy: moving forward
2011 Edinburgh, hosted by Oxford Robert Ouvrier Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease and the doctrine of the nerves in childhood
2012 London, hosted by Nottingham & Leicester Jeremy Schmahmann Recent insights into the structure and function of the cerebellum
2013 Manchester Samuel F Berkovic Epilepsy genetics and clinical practice: impact of the $1,000 genome
2014 Winchester Marc Tardieu Towards new treatments in paediatric neurology: a multidisciplinary approach
2015 Newcastle A James Barkovich New concepts in developmental abnormalities of the brain
2016 Sheffeild  Yanick Crow Human type I interferonopathies
2017 Cambridge Adam Kirton Advancing non-invasive neuromodulation trials in children: Lesson from perinatal stroke
2018 London Michael Johnson Critical and sensitive windows of neuroplasticity in the developing brain (Prof Johnson wasn't able to attend the meeting to give his talk)
2019 Liverpool Peter & Carol Camfield The adult life of children with epilepsy
2020 Belfast Elizabeth Thiele Sunflower syndrome: a poorly understood epilepsy
2021 Virtual (hosted by Oxford) Maja Steinlin A hike through three decades of paediatric stroke