The Ronnie MacKeith Prize is awarded to those who have made a significant contribution to Paediatric Neurology as judged by published work and who were under the age of 40 years or within 5 years of obtaining a CCST, whichever was later.
The Ronnie MacKeith Prize Lecturers
DatePlaceSpeakerTitle of Talk
1982 Birmingham Decided to award The Ronnie MacKeith Prize
1983 Oxford    
1984 Glasgow    
1985 Sheffield    
1986 Cardiff    
1987 Nottingham    
1988 Liverpool    
1989 Leeds Linda de Vries An integrated approach to leukomalacia
1990 Dublin Not awarded  
1991 Durham Janet Eyre  
1992 Bath Jo Poulton Mitochondrial DNA and geentic disease: recent advances
1993 London Robert Surtees & Peta Sharples  
1994 Birmingham Not awarded
1995 Cambridge Helen Cross & Francesco Muntoni  
1996 Southampton Not awarded  
1997 Oxford Charles Newton  
1998 Manchester Colin Ferrie The childhood epileptic encephalopathies: new insights from PET and other studies
1999 Belfast Vijeya Ganesan Causes and consequences of childhood stroke
2000 Glasgow Sameer Zuberi & Kate Bushby  
2001 London (Guy's)    
2002 Newcastle Upon Tyne Richard Gilbertson & Rod Scott  
2003 Liverpool Russell Dale Streptococcus and the Basal ganglia
2004 Sheffield Not awarded  
2005 London Finbar O'Callaghan Tuberous sclerosis complex: past, present and future
2006 Bristol Heinz Jungbluth Expanding range of phenotypes associated with mutations in the skeletal muscle ryanodine receptor (RYR1) gene
2007 Edinburgh Robert McFarland & Richard Chin ‘Batteries not included – what causes mitochondrial disease in children?’Epidemiology of Childhood Convulsive Status    Epilepticus
2008 Leeds Andrew Lux IS you is, or IS you ain’t (ma’ Baby)? And how should we treat infantile spasms anyway?
2009 Birmingham Jeremy Parr Identifying clinical phenotypes in the search for autism susceptibility genes
2010 Edinburgh, hosted by Wales Manju Kurian Infantile Parkinsonism-Dystonia: a novel neurotransmitter disorder and ‘Dopamine Transportopathy'
2011 Edinburgh, hosted by Oxford Not awarded  
2012 London, hosted by Nottingham & Leicester James Boardman Developing neural systems are altered by preterm birth
2013 Manchester Anna Purna Basu &
Andreas Brunklaus
“Hemiplegia – the other half of the story” & “SCN1A related epilepsies: genotypes, phenotypes and clinical utility of genetic testing”
2014 Winchester Tomoki Arichi Functional MRI of the perinatal brain
2015 Newcastle Andrew Mallick
Michael Absoud
Childhood stroke: who, why and what happens
Childhood central nervous system acquired demyelinatingdisorders: incidence, clinical features, MRI characteristics and  prognostic features
2016 Sheffield Amy McTague Elucidating disease mechanisms in epilepsy of infancy with migrating focal seizures  
2017 Cambridge Sukhvir Wright

Paediatric autoimmune epileptic encephalopathies - from symptoms to synapse

2018 London Yael Hacohen

Antibody biomarkers of CNS neurological disorders in children

2019 Liverpool Suresh Pujar

Long-term outcomes after childhood convulsive status epilepticus: What are the determinants of adverse outcomes?