Please find all the information below about joining the BPNA benefits and fees:

CLICK HERE to access the BPNA Membership Application section

Download BPNA direct debit form (please print out and post it to our new office address below)
BPNA Accounts
Atria, Suite M2
Spa Road
If you have any queries regarding the application process please email

Who can join?

Applications are invited from doctors and allied health professionals (specialist nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists etc) working in paediatric neurology and related disciplines.  The essential requirement for membership is to have a substantial commitment to paediatric neuroscience as demonstrated by training and professional activity.  Examples:

  • Paediatrics
  • Neurodisability
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurophysiology
  • Neuropathology

The categories of membership are:

Ordinary: Open to doctors working within the UK.  (Voting rights)

Trainee: Open to doctors working in posts prior to Consultant appointment.  (Voting rights)

Overseas: Open to doctors working outside the UK. (No voting rights)

Allied Health Professionals: Open to UK and Republic of Ireland specialist nurses, therapists, psychologists and neurophysiologists (eg physio, speech etc).  (No voting rights).  This is a new category.  

Senior: Open to those who are retired. (No voting rights). Please note if you are doing any part time clinical work after you have retired you should apply for Ordinary membership 

Medical Student: Membership is free of charge and would need to be renewed on a yearly basis (No voting rights)

Honorary: Awarded at the discretion of the Association (Voting rights)


Benefits of joining the BPNA

Ordinary members receive the journal: Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology (DMCN) (optional for other categories of membership)
Reduced registration fees to the annual BPNA scientific meeting and annual Trainees' meeting
Access to Special Interest Groups:
  • British Paediatric Epilepsy Group (BPEG)
  • British Paediatric Movement Disorder SIG (MDSIG)
  • Children's Headache Network (CHaN)
  • Cerebrovascular SIG
  • Fetal & Neonatal Neurology SIG
  • Genetic White Matter Disorders (leukodystrophies) SIG
  • Muscle Interest Group
  • Trainees' SIG
  • UK Neurorehabilitation SIG
  • UK-Childhood Neuro-Inflammatory Disorders (UK-CNID)
Access to the BPNA Webinar Lecture Series recordings
Access to the Joint Neurosciences Council's eBrain e-learning 
Opportunities to teach at BPNA courses (eg PET, Children's Headache Training, NeoNATE etc)
Opportunities to join course development teams
Contribute to British Paediatric Neurology Surveillance Unit studies
Opportunities to join working groups and committees 
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Subscription fees per year, from 1 April 2024 (payable by direct direct for UK members)

Ordinary: £260 (includes DMCN journal print version) OR £250 (includes DMCN journal online version) + £50 optional donation 

Trainee: £61.5 + £50 optional donation (DMCN journal optional)


  • High income countries: £150 + £50 optional donation (DMCN journal optional)
  • Low income countries: £45 + £50 optional donation (DMCN journal optional)
Allied Health Professionals:  £25 + £50 optional donation (DMCN journal optional)

Senior: £30 + £50 optional donation (DMCN journal optional)

Honorary: Awarded at the discretion of BPNA

DMCN journal print version is £110.00 and online version is £100.00 per annum.

The BPNA membership voted to enable members to make an annual donation of £50 to BPNA Research Training Fellowships. This will automatically be collected with the subscription direct debit. Members who wish to opt out of the £50 donation can do so via the membership section of their personal BPNA account.

How to Join:

You will need to have a proposer and seconder, if not applying for Allied Health Professionals, both of whom need to be BPNA members. Please contact Katerina Roumelioti, if you are unsure if your proposer/seconder are members.

Please use the below link to complete an application form online.  

Please click here to access the BPNA Membership Application section.

If you have a UK bank account, please download and complete the direct debit form and send it by post (we must have an original to send to the bank) to the below address:

BPNA Accounts
Atria, Suite M2
Spa Road

From receipt of your application and direct debit form we will count you a member for teaching purposes, conference discount etc. You will be welcomed formally at the AGM in January and receive DMCN from January.  If you are not a UK bank account holder, you cannot pay by direct debit and we will advise you of alternative payment methods.

*BPNA members reserve the right to request their membership to be paused in case of Maternity, Paternity, Adoption Leave or any other life changing personal circumstances. For further information contact Katerina Roumelioti

Updated 13 March 2024