Download a membership application form
Download BPNA direct debit form

Benefits of joining the BPNA:

  • Access to the annual BPNA Conference and annual Trainees' meeting at reduced rates.
  • Knowledge of and access to BPNA training courses.
  • Access to Special Interest Groups: British Paediatric Epilepsy Group, Movement Disorder, Cerebrovascular, Rehabilitation, Children's Headache Network (CHaN), Fetal & Neonatal, Inherited White Matter, Muscle Interest, Trainee's Special Interest Group.
  • Newsletters.
  • Take part in BPNSU studies.
  • Voting rights at annual AGM.
  • Ability to stand as Council/Executive representative and thereby influence policy.
  • Ordinary membership subscription includes a subscription to the journal Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology (DMCN).  The journal is optional for Trainees, overeseas, and Senior members at an additional cost of £110.
  • BPNA Members get a 20% discount and free shipping on all MacKeith Press Publications
  • Access to the BPNA Webinar Lecture Series videos
  • Access to BPNA members' website with further access to Paediatric Neurology forum.
  • Option to be listed on the BPNA medico legal list.
  • Opportunity  to teach at BPNA courses (eg PET, Children's Headache Training, NeoNATE etc).
  • Access to the Joint Neurosciences Council's eBrain e-learning resource.

Who can join?

Applications are invited from doctors working in paediatric neurology and related disciplines, including:

  • Paediatrics
  • Neurodisability
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Neurosurgery
  • Neurophysiology
  • Neuropathology
The essential requirement for membership is to have a substantial commitment to paediatric neuroscience as demonstrated by training and professional activity.  The categories of membership are:
Ordinary: Open to doctors working within the UK.

Trainee: Open to doctors working in posts prior to Consultant appointment.

Overseas: Open to doctors working outside the UK.

Associate Professional Membership: Open to allied health professionals (eg neuropsychologists). Membership rights are the same as Ordinary members, with the exception that Associate Professional Members may not vote on constitutional amendments.

Senior: Open to those who are retired.

Honorary: Awarded at the discretion of the Association.
Subscription fees:

The BPNA membership voted to enable members to make an annual donation of £50 to BPNA Research Training Fellowships. This will automatically be collected with the subscription direct debit. Members who wish to opt out of the £50 donation can do so via the membership section of their personal BPNA account.
Ordinary: £245 + £50 opt out donation per annum, payable by direct debit and includes subscription to DMCN.

Trainee: £55 + £50 opt out donation per annum, payable by direct debit, subscription to the journal is optional with additional payment.

Overseas members’: Subscription rates are differentiated by World Bank Economic Classification.  Subscription to DMCN is optional.

High income countries
: £135.00 + £50 opt out donation (100% of ordinary subs) plus DMCN, if taken.

Low income countries: £44.55 + £50 opt out donation (32% of ordinary subs) plus DMCN, if taken.

Associate Professional Membership: £245 + £50 opt out donation per annum, payable by direct debit and includes subscription to DMCN.

Senior: £25 + £50 opt out donation per annum, subscription to DMCN  is optional with additional payment.

Honorary: Awarded at the discretion of the Association.

DMCN journal is £110.00 per annum.

How to Join:

  • Applications are received throughout the year and accepted subject to approval by the trustees on the Executive Committee.
  • Please download an application form, complete and email to Philip Levine at
  • Please download the direct debit form, complete and send it by post (we must have an original to send to the bank).  Your first subscription will be debited around 1 April.
  • You will need a proposer and seconder, both of whom are already BPNA members.  On receipt of your application we will contact your Proposer and Seconder (both of whom must be members of the Association) to ask if they support your application.
  • From receipt of your application and direct debit form we will count you a member for teaching purposes, conference discount etc. You will be welcomed formally at the AGM in January and receive DMCN from January.
  • If you do not have a UK bank account you cannot pay by direct debit Philip will advise you of alternative methods of payment.
If you have any queries regarding the application process please email Philip Levine