BPNA Paediatric Neurology Virtual Trainees’ Meeting- Neuroinflammatory Disorders Friday 20 November 2020
The next BPNA trainees’ meeting will be held virtually on Friday 20th November 2020 on the topic of neuroinflammatory disorders. The meeting is open to paediatric neurology Grid trainees and also trainees of all grades with an interest in paediatric neurology. Sessions will include webinars and case discussions based around the Grid curriculum competencies in the diagnosis and management of neuroinflammatory disorders. Submissions from trainees are invited to present and discuss interesting cases. There will also be an update on training issues from the paediatric neurology CSAC and virtual ‘social’ sessions.

There is a small associated cost to cover the administrative expenses of the BPNA.
The meeting is being arranged given the annual trainees’ meeting in May was postponed due to Covid-19. This was on the topic of Movement Disorders and is planned to be held face-to-face on the same topic in May 2021 (provisional date Friday 7th/Saturday 8th May 2021).

We invite you to register for the day using the link below!
If you wish to be considered to present a case then please email Mark or Eusra at info@bpna.org.uk with a short summary of the case and learning points.   

Provisional programme - To be announced shortly
Cost- £20 (BPNA members), £30 (non-members)

Please get in touch with any questions! info@bpna.org.uk
Best wishes, Mark Atherton and Eusra Hassan, Chair and Deputy Chair, BPNA Trainees’ Special Interest Group
Who are we?
The BPNA Trainees' Group comprises middle grades in paediatric neurology, either currently training in the specialty or interested in so doing.
The group communicates by email and is a forum for discussion and dissemination of information regarding training matters and developments in the paediatric neurology, at both national and international level. We contribute to BPNA discussions on the syllabus for training and recommendations for training centres.
The BPNA Trainees' meeting is held over a weekend each year. It is an informal educational meeting attended by trainees of all grades from all around the UK and beyond. 
Business Meeting
There is a trainees' business meeting each year at the BPNA annual scientific meeting in January.
How to stay in touch
If you are training in paediatric neurology or hope to do so, and would like to keep in touch with the group, please join the BPNA as a 'Trainee member'.  The annual subscription is only £55 and entitles you to reduced rates at the trainees meeting and annual conference. As a BPNA member you also receive notifications of  events, courses and adverts for jobs and clinical fellowships.

Paediatric Neurology Trainees' Representative
Mark Atherton