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The BPNSU reserves the right to vary the contribution requested in individual cases should special circumstances apply, and to make additional charges for any extra expenses beyond those usually involved. II Conduct of the Study a) Investigators will provide the BPNSU office with any revised documents relating to the study, preferably on CD. b) You are asked to produce short summaries about study progress for the BPNSU on an annual basis. Annual reports will be submitted by November 1st each year. This gives us an opportunity to publicise the study and report on its progress at the annual BPNA scientific meeting. c) You should be willing to answer queries from involved clinicians. It is important that any cases that may come direct to you and NOT through the BPNSU are eventually notified to the BPNSU to allow its performance to be assessed. Ethical approval for this study is the responsibility of the investigator. If you have not yet done so please supply documentation that confirms ethical approval for this study from your REC or a letter from your REC indicating that ethical approval is not necessary. III Reporting Study Findings The study has been approved by the BPNSU because important clinical or public health issues are being addressed so publication of the findings is expected. Material for publication should be prepared within a year of final data collection, and the Scientific Coordinator should be sent a draft copy of the study report before it goes for publication. The BPNSU can advise on the wording of any BPNSU methodology section used in the paper. Content and title of papers and presentations are entirely at the discretion of the researcher. The BPNSU does not require its acknowledgement in the title of a paper or collectively in the list of authors. However, when a member of the committee contributes to a project to such an extent that the study or resulting paper could not be completed without the contribution, consideration should be given to the inclusion of that individual as an author on any publication, in accordance with existing recommendations regarding authorship of scientific papers. c) The BPNSU and the clinicians should be acknowledged in any relevant papers or presentations. Finally please let me know of any problems that arise during the survey and of any other advice or assistance you may require. Yours sincerely Dr Sukhvir Wright On behalf of the BPNSU Core Group  HYPERLINK "mailto:s.wright5@aston.ac.uk" s.wright5@aston.ac.uk  BPNSU LETTER OF UNDERSTANDING I/we have read and agreed to the conditions outlined in the BPNSU letter of understanding. Signed Date .     Version 2. March 2023        - p r s   a c d e f 6 7 S      ! 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