2021 Presenter Instructions

The conference will be delivered virtually. 

To check the date and time of your presentation and for other helpful information and links, please login to your BPNA account (link below). 
https://bpna.org.uk/login.php (use the login you used to submit your abstract)
Click My Account (top right) and Abstracts Submitted. 



Abstracts selected for presentation at the BPNA conference are published in the journal Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology.  You are encouraged to include the reference on your cv in your list of publications to demonstrate that you gave a presentation.  The link and reference will be provided here as soon as it is available.


Oral presentations 

All oral presenters need to register for the conference.

Oral presentations will have 15 minutes each: 10 minutes for the presentation, with a further 5 minutes for discussion.  Chairing will be strict.  

All presentations will be streamed over the virtual conference platform.  Attendees will access sessions via the app.  

We will ensure all presenters are comfortable with how and what they need to prepare in good time before the conference. 


Poster presentations

All poster presenters need to register for the conference.

All posters will be available to view in the conference app.  Please upload your poster before the start of the conference.

To upload your poster:

  • Only the person who submitted the abstract can upload the poster (submitter)
  • Submitter, you must have registered for the conference before the facility to upload the poster will be available
  • Submitter, login to your BPNA account at https://bpna.org.uk/login.php (using the login details that you used to submit your abstract)
  • Click MY ACCOUNT (top right-hand corner) > ABSTRACTS SUBMITTED