2024 Presenter Instructions

The conference will be delivered as a hybrid event at the Marriott Bristol City Centre.

Oral presentations 

All oral presenters will need to register for the physical conference and attend in person.

Oral presentations will have 15 minutes each: 10 minutes for the presentation, with a further 5 minutes for discussion.  Chairing will be strict.   

Any queries regarding oral presentations should be sent to katerina.roumelioti@bpna.org.uk


Oral Poster presentations

Some posters will be selected as an oral poster presentation to be presented at the conference venue.  We will notify you by 4 October 2023 if your poster is selected to be displayed at the venue and you will be expected to register and for the physical conference. All oral poster presenters will be given 5 minutes to present their poster on a screen to an audience.


Virtual/Online Poster presentations

All online poster presenters will need to register for either the physical or virtual conference. 


All posters including those selected for oral poster presentation will be available to view on the conference app. 

All posters can also be viewed using the virtual poster boards located at the conference venue.


To prepare your poster

We would like people to be able to view and hear your poster.  You are therefore invited to prepare your poster in Powerpoint and also record an audio narrative to the poster (2-minutes max).  Hence we need you to upload BOTH a pdf, so people can zoom into the detail, AND an mp4 file, so people can hear your commentary.

  • Prepare your poster in Powerpoint, as a single slide, landscape orientation
  • Save
  • Export your file to pdf.  File > Export > File name [poster number]> File format pdf > Export
  • Add an audio narrative in Powerpoint.  Go to Insert > Audio > Record audio.  Save and check
  • Open your Powerpoint file and convert it to an mp4 file.   Go to File > Export > Save as a movie.  This will output an mp4 file 


Only mp4 files will play the audio narrative in the conference app.  Only pdf files are 'zoomable'.

To upload your posters:

  • Only the person who submitted the abstract can upload the poster (submitter).  If this is not the correct person please contact katerina.roumelioti@bpna.org.uk
  • Submitter, you must have registered for the conference before the facility to upload the poster will be available
  • Submitter, login to your BPNA account at https://bpna.org.uk/login.php (using the login details that you used to submit your abstract)
  • Click MY ACCOUNT (top right-hand corner) > ABSTRACTS SUBMITTED


To be considered for a prize, please upload your poster by 30 December 2023.

Any queries regarding your poster should be sent to katerina.roumelioti@bpna.org.uk


Video challenge presentations

A few abstracts will be selected for the 'Video Challenge' event.  We will email you about arrangements if your abstract has been selected for this.

All video challenge presenters need to register for the conference and attend in person.

Any queries regarding video challenge presentations should be sent to katerina.roumelioti@bpna.org.uk



Abstracts selected for presentation at the BPNA conference will be published in the journal Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology.