Distance Learning in Paediatric Neurology

Unit 0: Introduction to Paediatric Neurology

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This Unit covers some broad principles which underpin the practice of paediatric neurology, evidence based medicine, principles of neuroimaging and rehabilitation.


This Unit contains 15 hours of study, divided into the following sections:

  Study hours

1. Evidence based medicine
Aim: To develop the skills required to practice evidence based medicine within paediatric neurology.

9 hours

2. Principles of neuroimaging
Aim: By the end of this section, you will be able to recognize the scope of neuroimaging in paediatric neurology. Throughout the units of this distance learning course you will encounter many examples of neuroimaging demonstrating different diseases of the nervous system. This section will provide you with the skills to begin interpreting these images. 

3 hours

3. Principles of neurorehabilitation
Aim: By the end of this section, you will understand the principles behind the rehabilitation of a child following a neurological insult. 

3 hours
Total study hours = 15 hours


You can begin studying this Unit at any time and work through it at your own pace. There are no time limits to finish the Unit. If you spend about 4 hours per week on this course, you will complete it in about 4 weeks. When you complete the unit, please send it to us and we will check that all 3 star activities have been completed and will issue a CPD certificate for the number of hours shown above.

Who is this Unit for?

This Unit is particularly suitable for:

  • Paediatric trainees
  • Specialist Paediatric trainees
  • Specialist Paediatric Neurology trainees
  • Consultant Community Paediatricians
  • Consultant Paediatricians


The course is delivered via a dedicated website. On receipt of your application we will register you and send your username and password to access your unit. All the activities and required papers are available for you to download from the course website. You will not need access to any additional resources to complete this unit.

If you enrol on an individual unit, this Introduction to Paediatric Neurology unit is provided at no cost - it is your choice if you complete it, however, other participants have found it very helpful (see their comments below).

What do students say are the best things about this unit?

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  • “Evidence based medicine” (Georgia)
  • “All of it” (Saudi Arabia, UK)
  • “Neuroradiology” (UK)
  • “Evidence based medicine, although difficult it was rewarding and relevant to clinical practice” (Sweden)
  • “Revision of the basics” (Australia)
  • “Basic science review” (Australia)
  • “Neuroimaging” (Saudia Arabia)


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