Distance Learning in Paediatric Neurology

Unit 8: Inflammation & Infection of the CNS

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Inflammation and infection of the nervous system explores the mechanisms of inflammation within the CNS, examining the role of the immune system in the control and modulation of infection and inflammation and the impact of immune dysregulation and immune deficiency. Infection processes are examined in detail to develop an in depth knowledge of meningitis, encephalitis, brain abscess as well as sections on specific pathogens which may be less common but very important including TB, HIV and prions. Prevention is better than cure so finally an overview considers immunisation, infection control and public health measures to prevent CNS related infection.


This Unit contains 48 hours of study, divided into the following sections:

  Number of study hours
1. Immunological and inflammatory response in the nervous system 4.5 hours
2. Bacterial meningitis 6 hours
3. Focal infections 3 hours
4. Tuberculosis and fungal infections of the CNS 3 hours
5. Encephalitis / viral meningitis 6 hours
6. Human Immunodeficiency Virus 3 hours
7. Transmissible spongiform encephalopathy 3 hours
8. Unusual and tropical infections 4.5 hours
9. Immunodeficiency (non HIV) 3 hours
10. Reactive encephalitides / ADEM 4.5 hours
11. Autoimmunity and the brain 4.5 hours
12. Prevention of infection 3 hours
Total study hours = 48 hours


You can begin studying this Unit at any time and work through it at your own pace. There are no time limits to finish the Unit. If you spend about 4 hours per week on this course, you will complete it in about 3 months. When you complete the unit, please send it to us and we will check that all 3 star activities have been completed and will issue a CPD certificate for the number of hours shown above.

Who is this Unit for?

The Cerebrovascular disease, trauma and coma Unit is particularly suitable for:

  • Specialist Paediatric trainees
  • Specialist Paediatric Neurology trainees
  • Consultant Paediatricians
  • Consultant Paediatric Neurologists to update themselves as part of their continuing professional development


The course is delivered via a dedicated website. On receipt of your application we will register you and send your username and password to access your unit. All the activities and required papers are available for you to download from the course website. You will need access to the notes of cases with ADEM and acute encephalitis. You will also need access to a few textbooks, which should be available to borrow from your local paediatric neurology department or medical library.

What do students say are the best things about this unit?

  • "Learning about louping ill and tick borne encephalitis" (UK)
  • “Elaborate worldwide review” (Saudia Arabia)


Fees must be paid at the time of registering. You can register online and pay your fee by credit/debit card or request an invoice be sent to your place of work (you will need a purchase order number from your hospital for this option). The cost of this Unit depends on the country in which you are working.  

  • High income countries = £325 
  • Low & middle income countries = £107


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