Distance Learning in Paediatric Neurology

Certification & FAQ'S

Individual Units

The BPNA will award a certificate of Continuing Professional Development to you on completion of the whole unit. When you have completed the unit, you will need to email it (a scanned copy if you have worked on the hard copy) to the BPNA Secretariat. Provided that you have completed all three star activities and you have completed the online feedback, the BPNA will issue a certificate reflecting the Recommended working time.

Whole Course

The BPNA will award a certificate of completion for each Unit you complete. When you have completed a Unit, your educational supervisor will sign an appraisal form and on receipt of that we will issue a certificate. On completion of the whole course the BPNA will award a certificate certifying completion of the whole course.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   I am a paediatrican, please send details on enrolment

A. You need to complete and return the application form but, if you are a paediatrician, it is worth checking if you need the full course.  You can enrol for individual units if that is more useful for you as you may find some of the units in the full course superfluous to your needs.  Please use the link below to go to the distance learning webpages and click on course content to read about the content of each unit.

Q.   Who should I contact about a supervisor?

A.  If you are asking about a supervisor, we do not have lists of supervisors outside the UK.  If you are a consultant you do not need a supervisor.  If you are still a trainee, you should ask your current supervisor or senior colleague if they can help you with the course.  The supervisor is a guide, they do not look over your shoulder and there are no exams or papers to mark.    BPNA do have epilepsy training courses in India with local teachers, they may be willing to help you or to suggest someone in your area.  If you want contact details, please let me know.

If you are a consultant you do not need a supervisor.

Q.   If I move areas can I change my supervisor?

A. Yes, you can change your supervisor at any time.  You need to let us know so we can amend the details in our records and give your new supervisor access to the course and your progress.

Q.   Are there any eligibility requirements?

A. You need to be a qualified doctor of medicine working in a hospital or similar clinic where you will have access to clinics, patients and patient notes.  This course is not an academic exercise but is designed to complement clinical training and improve knowledge and clinical practice

Q. Can I apply and pay online?

             A. You can apply and pay for single units at: 

                You will need to register on the BPNA website as a user first. The log in details for                    this are NOT applicable to distance learning. You will receive these log in                                  details separately.

Q.  Can I transfer to the full course after completing a single unit?

A. Yes, you can transfer at any time.  Any fees paid for single units will be credited to your account so you would only need to pay any outstanding balance for the full course.  You would not pay twice for anything

Q.  What is the Certificate?  Is it a Diploma or Fellowship?

A.  It is a Certificate of Completion signed by the current president of BPNA, together with the Chair of the Distance Learning Steering Committee and your supervisor (if you have one) The certificate details all the topics studied and the study hours spent. 

Q.  What computer requirements are there?

A. You do not need to have any special computer requirements.  You can access the course through your usual browser and you can even use your phone as long as you have internet access, but as there are several papers to read it is not recommended to use a phone for this activity!  You can download the workbooks and save to Word if you want to work offline or on hard copy.

Q.  Is there a fixed start and finish date?

A.   No, you can begin the course or single unit at any time.  There is no fixed time for the study.  Most people take around three years for the full course, about 6 months for unit 6.  You can work at your own pace, taking into account work and family commitments.  It is best if you set yourself a regular study period every week.

Q.  How much does it cost?

A.  The cost depends on your country of employment.  The countries listed on the World Bank Economic Classification list are ‘high’ income countries.  If your country is NOT on the list, your fees are at the LOW rate.

Note: if your country is on the list, but is coloured RED, the fees are temporarily at the low rate due to current economic situation in that country.

There is a 10% discount if you are part of a group of 5 or more students, otherwise there are no reduced fees as they are already placed at the lowest possible rates.  I regret that at this time there are no bursaries available.  You can pay for the full course by instalments over a period of about two years.