Distance Learning in Paediatric Neurology


Fees depend on the country where you work

Fees depend on the country where you work.  There are two fee categories, those enrolling from:


10% discount when you enrol with your colleagues!  People make the best progress when they work through the course with others.  There is a 10% discount when 5 or more people enrol together - this applies to individual units and whole course.  

Individual Unit Fees

Unit 0 Introduction to Paediatric Neurology Included Included
Unit 1 Neurogenetics £170 £57
Unit 2 Neonatal Neurology £325 £107
Unit 3 Neurodevelopment, Neuropsychology & Neuropsychiatry £436 £144
Unit 4 Central Motor Deficits £390 £128
Unit 5 Neuromuscular Disorders £325 £107
Unit 6 Epilepsy & Paroxysmal Disorders £436 £144
Unit 7 Cerebrovascular disease, trauma & coma £325 £107
Unit 8 Inflammation & Infection of the CNS £325 £107
Unit 9 Metabolic, Nutritional and Systemic Disease £325 £107
Unit 10 Vision & Hearing £170 £57
Unit 11 Neuro-oncology £170 £57
Unit 12 Headache £170 £57
You will need to pay for a unit when you enrol.  If you finish one or two units and then decide to do the whole course, we will use the money you have already paid towards the cost of the whole course. You will never pay more than the cost of the whole course (see below).  
You can register and pay for individual units online.

Whole Course Fees

Group discount: people make the best progress when they work through the course in a group with other colleagues, and meet with their tutor regularly. To encourage groups to enrol together, we are offering a 10% discount.

Whole course - one person enrolling £2,050 £676
Whole course - 5 or more people enrolling together as a group (10% discount per person)  £1,845 £608



You can pay 100% of your course fees at enrolment.

You can pay by credit card online

Please contact DLadmin@bpna.org.uk if you prefer to pay by bank transfer or need an invoice for your employer.


You can pay in four instalments over a 2-year period. An initial payment of 25% of the fees is payable when you enrol. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer.

Access to units: we will give you online access to three units as soon as you enrol and make your initial payment. Tell us which units you want to study first on your application form.