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We are really keen to encourage all medical students and junior doctors to consider training in paediatric neurology. Trainees tell us it is a warm, welcoming, rewarding and fascinating specialty, working in friendly and approachable teams!  We have been developing lots of resources to encourage you to explore a career in paediatric neurology. Please get in touch, ask questions, come to our events even if you are just starting to consider paediatric neurology as a possible career option.

If you would like to discuss more with BPNA members please otherwise contact your local Recruitment Champion in the tab above or contact the Trainee Chair/Deputy Chair below

Dr Mark Atherton, Chair of Trainees' Special Interest Group -
Dr Eusra Hassan, Deputy Chair of Trainees' Special Interest Group -
Philip Levine, BPNA Membership Engagement Manager -

"We are all paediatric neurologists..."

Have a look at the stories of some UK Consultant Paediatric Neurologists.

Dr Tammy Hedderly

Professor Manju Kurian

Quotes from Paediatric Neurology Grid trainees

"Working as a paediatric neurologist allows me a good work life balance" - Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, 2021

"Friendly team - makes it very easy to feel supported in the clinical environment" - Grid trainee, 2021

"Supportive consultants and supportive staff" - Grid trainee, 2021

"I have had the opportunity for flexible working to develop my other interests (football!)" - Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, 2021

"Learning is actively encouraged and the BPNA is a rich source of learning and information. There is ample opportunity to discuss cases among trainees and seek advice on practical aspects of training when needed" - Grid trainee, 2021

"Paeds neurology! - The distance learning programme is great and in addition to the clinical experience means that I feel that I have a grounding"

"Opportunity to finally focus on what interest me the most" - Grid trainee, 2021

"The subject - so interesting and a really broad range of sub specialities" - Grid trainee, 2021

"The network of paediatric neurologists within the UK is fantastic and the learning opportunities are vast" - Grid trainee - 2021


Look forward to meeting you soon!