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Med Students, F1-2 & ST1-3

Available support and advice

There is a lot of support and advice available to you from a number of people!  Make contact early - its never too early.  Click on the link above for contact details.

  • Regional Recruitment Champions - contact your Regional Recruitment Champion at least 12-months before you apply for the GRID to make yourself known and benefit from their advice.
  • Paediatric Neurology Trainee representatives - Dr Robert Spaull and Dr Tom Smith, current paediatric neurology grid trainees who are really happy to tell you what it is really like!
  • National Training Advisor - Dr Dipak Ram, always happy to help!
  • BMJ - The largest open access medical journal -

Taster sessions for Junior Doctors (F1-2 & ST1-3)

We encourage all junior doctors who have an interest in Paediatric Neurology to come and spend some time with a Paediatric Neurology team and attend consultations and/or ward rounds. The best way to arrange this is to speak to your supervisor to approve ‘taster sessions’ and contact your local centre lead to make your arrangements. Centre Leads can be found through the BPNA website with this link here.

Webinars for medical students & junior doctors

We are holding webinars designed especially for medical students and junior doctors.  Click on the event tab above to find out about the next one.  Every webinar is educational and will also provide time for you to ask lots of questions about the topic and also about becoming a paediatric neurologist.

Please find previous BPNA Webinar events below for you to watch

BPNA Webinar - How to become a paediatric neurologist Tuesday 21 June 2022
- Special talk about Functional Neurological Disorders by Dr Kenneith Yong - 44mins

BPNA Webinar - How to become a paediatric neurologist Wednesday 09 March 2022
- Special talk about Raised intracranial pressure: causes and cases by Dr Gemma Fisher - 34mins - Start 02.00
- Update on Paediatric Neurology in 2022 by Dr Todd Smallbone - 50mins with Q&A - Start 39.30

BPNA Webinar - How to become a paediatric neurologist Wednesday 08 September 2021
- Special talk about Epilepsy by Dr Aimee Donald - 38mins - Start 03.00
- Update on Paediatric Neurology in 2021 by Dr Dipak Ram - 33mins - Start 50.30