2022 App & virtual platform

Joining the conference

The virtual conference has a phone app and a web app (to use on your computer or laptop). Please use the web app to join the lecture sessions.

Download the user guide pdf to help to navigate the web app and phone app.


The link has been sent by email to those who are registered for the conference.  Please test your login now and report any difficulties to conference@bpna.org.uk

Posters and exhibitors are available now.  You will access the lectures through the app.  Lectures will be delivered on Zoom.

  • Use Google Chrome for the best experience (the web app will NOT work with Internet Explorer or Safari)
  • Use the web app to join the conference sessions
  • Use the link above
  • Login using your BPNA username and password
  • You will need to be registered for the conference to gain access

The web app will sync with the phone app so you can continue conversations, review the notes you make etc.


Please download the mobile app via the App Store or Play Store – search for BPNA.  As new information (eg posters) are added, you will need to update your app. 

To access Posters in the phone app, enter BPNA 2022 > Programme > Scientific programme > Posters


When you log into either the phone or web app, take the time to register your details. This will enable you to interact with other delegates and for them  to interact with you.  To show yourself as interactive you will need to:

  • Select your account (in the top right-hand corner of the screen) > Settings
  • Turn on ‘Visible in attendee list’
  • Turn on ‘Allow new conversations and appointments’

If you do not have these two things turned on, you will be unable to interact with other attendees during the conference.

To see your conversations (these will sync between your devices):

  • Web App – top left of screen, click the chat icon > my conversations
  • Phone App – bottom of screen, click interact > chat > my conversations

Exhibitors can be accessed on your phone or computer. Please take time to visit the pharma, charity and publishing exhibitors who are keen to share their work and network with you.