2021 BPNA Annual Conference

47th Annual meeting of the British Paediatric Neurology Association

Virtual, 6-8 January 2021 (hosted by Oxford)

Bookings for the conference are now closed. 

A warm welcome from the Oxford team

Since this letter was written, the decision has been made to make the conference completely virtual 

We are delighted to invite friends and colleagues within the UK, and around the world, to contribute and attend the annual meeting of the British Paediatric Neurology Association, taking place in Oxford, 6-8 January 2021.

We are working towards a hybrid conference, with what we very much hope includes personal attendance for some, and virtual attendance for others. Parallel planning will allow for an exciting and innovative virtual conference.One of our illustrious predecessors in Oxford, Sir William Osler, stated that “Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability”. That resonates more than a century later, never more so than in the current climate of uncertainty in global health.

At the time of writing we cannot know if we will be able to welcome you in person to the fantastic facilities of the Mathematic Institute, the drinks reception in the School of Divinity, and the formal dinner at Keble College. It is possible that the dreaming Spires may not be glimpsed in person, but the rhythms of our clinical and scientific community, thirst for knowledge, and companionship of our shared calling will persist.

Although the consequences of the pandemic have been far reaching, and for some devastating, there are some positives. Reminders of the precious value of family and friends, birdsong, reduced carbon emissions, and new ways of working that may endure to the benefit of our society and our world.

Please do send us your basic science and clinical insights so we can all keep learning from each other.

With very best wishes

Sandeep Jayawant, Saleel Chandatre, Martin Smith, Sithara Ramdas, Rohini Rattihalli & Nadine McCrea
BPNA2021 Oxford Organising Committee


Updated 9 October 2020